As I understand it, for a Buddhist, “searching for the full moon” is a quest for enlightenment. Pondering possible titles for this new blog, I fixed on this one because, at bottom, I think that is what I am after and what I would like to help any readers move towards as well.  What does “enlightenment” look like?  Not sure but I do believe it includes trying to make sense of the world around me–that means exploring politics, social trends, ideas, etc.  I believe that it also means exploring the world in the sense of traveling around it and so I will think out loud about what I see and experience in my journeys, hopefully increasing in frequency as I age and this blog does so as well. It also means, I think, taking a critical look at events, and words of others, and sharing my understanding of what is true and not. Too, I am fairly certain enlightenment encompasses acting in an enlightened way–attempting to do good in my community, writ both large and small–and so I would like to use this blog as a call to action from time to time.  For example, at this time, for rational gun control efforts in the US. I fully expect this to be an ongoing “search,” involving constant exploration on my part, with no end to the quest in sight.  And that’s okay, I am comfortable with this fact.

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